8th Grader Promises to Pay All School Lunch Debt In His District


Worrying about if there is enough food at home to bring lunch to school or not having enough money to buy school lunch is something many students go through everyday, unfortunately.

In some cases the students are even “lunch shamed” for their school lunch debt and are served cold food, old food, or no food altogether until their debt can be paid.

As apart of a semester long project that is designed for students to solve issues they see in their local community, Ben Hofer decided to focus on school lunch debt after being inspired by the treatment of students who cannot afford lunch.

Ben is an 8th grader at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Texas and initially for his “LunchCounts” project he wanted to raise $3,200 to pay off the student lunch debt at just three schools in his district, which included Blazier Elementary, Paredes Middle School, and Akins High School.

Now, Ben has raised around $8,000 dollars from his GoFundMe page that was launched on April 21st, which is almost half the overall lunch debt of $18,000 for the district!

Ben’s efforts will hopefully be continued until he has reached his goal, and set a precedent for other students that you do not need to be an adult to make a difference and there are small changed and strides you can make to equal a greater impact.