How Kirstyn Has Changed Since Graduation

”I’ve learned how to be proud of who I am and love myself for it.”


Graduated three years ago, this week’s alumni is a person who I have looked up to since my younger years, back when I was too afraid to tell them. Now thriving through college and embracing who they truly are, I chose to interview Kirstyn Hoover for this round. Kirstyn came to the realization that she has grown immensely since graduating a few years ago, and that she shouldn’t be afraid to own who she is. Kirstyn preaches self love and not forgetting to have fun while getting through the tough parts of life, even if it may seem difficult. You can read all about how she’s changed and what her life is like nowadays, below.


Sandy: So Kirstyn, what year did you graduate from AHS and what are you up to now?

Kirstyn: I graduated in 2016 and now I’m going to be a senior at Stockton University.

Sandy: That’s cool, what’s your major?

Kirstyn: Exercise Science.

Sandy: Even cooler, I wish I was even remotely good at athletics. What made you choose that career path?

Kirstyn: I aspire to work in the health related field and become a Physical Education teacher.

Sandy: That’s awesome, I’m excited for you! How would you say your life has changed since graduating three years ago?

Kirstyn: Since high school, I’ve grown a lot mentally. I’ve learned how to be there for myself in moments of stress and breakdowns, how to be responsible with my time and money, and mostly how to be proud of who I am and love myself for it.

Sandy: That’s really great to hear, I’m happy for you. Do you happen to have the same friends from high school?

Kirstyn: Yes, I still have my same group of friends from high school. 

Sandy: Final question: Do you have any advice for current seniors?

Kirstyn: Prepare yourself to study till the end of time, but still make the best friends of your life and have a ball doing it. 

Sandy: I’ll take that advice, thank you so much for telling The Parrot all about yourself.