Live For Now

Ah, college. A majority of us are already starstruck with the place we’re choosing to spend tens of thousands of dollars, and the rest have chosen to pursue a different career path for the future. Some are moving, others are staying. We’re like little adults, isn’t that weird? Most of us grew up together, some of us met just this year. However long it may be, we’re all leaving this place together, so let’s enjoy the rest of our time here. The fast encounters at lockers, or maybe a pit stop at the fountain, may seem meaningless, but it’s a simple connection with another person and that matters. We’ll see each other five days in a row for only a few weeks more, isn’t that crazy? You know what? Let’s make the most of what we have while we’re still alive. Appreciate the people around you that you might not even talk to. Try to pass a compliment on to them, or maybe offer a slight smirk at the faces going by in the hallway because it could make them smile back. Let’s all live in the moment and be present with one another. You never know how quickly it can all change.