Pokemon Detective Pikachu Review

Pokemon Detective Pikachu Review

In Pokemon Detective Pikachu, we follow Tim Goodman. Tim is a 21 year old insurance salesman who has long given up on his dream of being a Pokemon master, partially because of his mother’s death, and his father’s supposed ignorance. Tim receives news of his father’s death one day, and has to go to Ryme City. While in his father’s old apartment, he finds a goofy Pikachu that wears a detective hat. This is made even weirder, as the Pikachu can speak to Tim and only Tim. The Pikachu reveals that he is suffering a severe case of amnesia, forgetting his battle moves and who he was. The two begin working together to not only regain his memory, but try to find Tim’s missing father.

Detective Pikachu himself, while (initially) being unable to use the electric powers Pikachu is normally known for, offers very witty dialogue that both kids and adults can find laughable. He doesn’t come off as extremely annoying or incompetent, which is something that infects a number of children’s movies, especially regarding colorful mascots. Pikachu, also, actually does proper detective work, though it is a simplified version (this was probably intended, as to make it easier for the kiddies to follow along).

This movie utilises nearly everything it can with the Pokemon. If the main focus for a scene, expect that Pokemon to utilize its abilities to the full potential. It’s refreshing to see such a concepts long time Pokemon fans to see something so familiar in a more realistic setting. My favorite scene in this fashion, is where Tim and Pikachu catch and interrogate a Mr. Mime. I won’t spoil what happens, but I personally thought that scene to be the funniest in this movie.

There is a tiny problem however. Detective Pikachu (The movie, not the character) seems to suffer from a bit of an identity crisis. As in, it seems like it doesn’t quite want to know what it wants to be. There’s action, some romance, comedy, drama, and even horror elements all thrown into the mix, and they all get a cut of some time. Makes the movie feel overbearing at times with all this varying types of emotion.

Should you watch Detective Pikachu? That depends on whether or not you enjoy Pokemon. If you aren’t a Pokemon fan, you probably won’t get as much enjoyment and very well may be confused at times. If you are, then without a doubt you should go see it. I’d give Pokemon Detective Pikachu a 7/10.