CJ Burns: Dad of the Year

"Don't be afraid if you don’t have it all figured out just yet, and don't be scared to take a different path."

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CJ Burns: Dad of the Year

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Since the start of this section, most of the alumni have been graduates from only a few years ago, with the exception of one other. This week, the alumni I’ve chosen graduated in ’08 and means a whole lot to me. He’s my role model in so many ways. My brother, CJ Burns, was excited to answer some questions about how his life has changed since his high school days now that he’s living his best life and raising kids in a loving home. CJ has a special place in my heart, and I’ve always aspired to succeed in life the way that he does, especially since he makes it look so darn easy. With that being said, he gives great advice, and below, you can read all about what he has to say to those worried about their future.


Sandy: Why don’t we start by telling everyone what year you graduated from AHS and where you went to college?

CJ: I graduated in 2008 and went to Rowan University for Journalism.

Sandy: I hear that only cool people go to Rowan. Now, you’re in Haddon Heights with a little family, so tell me a bit about the kids now that you’re a dad.

CJ: Brody is the star of the show, he’s our little actor who keeps us entertained 24/7. And his baby sister Hazel is a sweet little princess.

Sandy: My little munchkins, they’re so precious. How would you say Audubon shaped you and prepared you for life after high school?

CJ: The relationships and out of classroom connections really made the biggest impact for me, especially a couple of teachers who took time to mentor me outside of the day to day teaching.

Sandy: That sounds beneficial for you. What is your favorite memory from senior year?

CJ: There was an inside joke all senior year that none of us were allowed to repeat or we would get in trouble. Then, when we went to take our group picture in Disney, without even planning it, we all said the phrase at the same time.

Sandy: Any advice for the current seniors at AHS?

CJ: Don’t be afraid if you don’t have it all figured out just yet, and don’t be scared to take a different path. You may not know what your career or future holds when you graduate, but you come to realize that nobody has life 100% figured out anyway. You’ve got to take it as it comes and find yourself along the way.

Sandy: That’s some pretty solid advice, I know there’s a bunch of us worried about the future and that’s definitely helpful. Thanks for using a bit of that Journalism degree to answer questions for The Parrot.