Nested: A Five Legged Rabbit and a Four Nippled Man

How’s it going ya goodfellas, hope you had a great week. This week I’m going to give a shorter more chill review because what I’m reviewing is a game, yet isn’t a game. It’s more of an automatic universe simulator. The “game” I am talking is called Nested.

Nested is set up as a bunch of folders on a computer and each folder brings up more things. For those who don’t know, this game was made by the one and only Orteil. If you don’t know Orteil, he made classics such as Cookie Clicker, the game we all play when we should be paying attention during our lessons. Nested is different in the case where you can’t turn you brain off and just mindlessly click away.

Now the “game” is an interesting sort. It humors the idea that reality is infinite and if you were to get to smaller than microscopic particles, you will end up discovering more universes called microverses. I love this idea, especially since I’m a science nerd, and this game made me read up on a theory that I had no idea existed.

The gameplay is beyond simple. It works like opening folders on a computer, where you open one and more open. You start with a universe, then a galactic supercluster, then a galaxy, etc. When you reach organisms, you can read their thoughts and they are just so darn entertaining sometimes. I read the thoughts of a beetle, and I swear he was having a midlife crisis! He was talking about wanting to be crushed and his mate fornicating with another beetle. How pleasant! Another thing that I found very entertaining was the biology of some of the creatures. A great example of this was the biology of a rabbit. Now we know rabbits as having two eyes, four legs, whiskers. The rabbit that I discovered on Nested had six eyes, five legs, two arms, and a single whisker. That was a beautiful image that I had burned into my brain for a few hours.

That is essentially the whole game.  How would I rate it? Well I can’t. There isn’t really enough to review. It is a trip to go through and is a fun experience, but there is no way I can truly give it a rating, although I do recommend it. Maybe you can find your own demonic hellspawn creature. Maybe it will be a cat or maybe a dog. Or it might just be a human called Ricardo who has three eyes and four nipples who sits at home and wonders what life would be like if his mother loved him and not his brother Jeffrey.