Bullied Teen Loses 115lbs By Walking


Body image and comparing themselves to others is a struggle most teens have. It is difficult to live in a world that has standards on what is beautiful and what isn’t. This causes many teens to be self conscious about how their bodies look or what they weigh. They know what happens if they don’t look how society thinks they should and in many cases, teens have to go through high school being bullied for their body

Michael Watson of Canton, Ohio was unfortunately a victim of bullying due to his weight. In his sophomore year of high school Michael was 6ft 4in and 325 lbs. “My self-confidence was zero,” he’d said, according to CNN reporter Ryan Prior. However, that does not give other students the right to bully Michael, saying that he had three chins.

Into his junior year, Michael stared at himself in the mirror and did not like what was looking back at him. As a result, Michael switched his diet up and made a major change in his daily routine. He began walking a couple miles to and from school everyday, which equaled about 40 minutes total each day.

Michael was so dedicated to his new lifestyle change of exercising by walking that he even refused rides when the weather was raining on snowing. He also didn’t really give himself the option to ride the bus because he didn’t even know the bus’ schedule.

By making these changes, Watson was able to lose a total of 115 pounds by the end of his senior year. His great achievement has taken the world by storm and given others the encouragement they needed to put their lives on the right track and strive for their goals, whether or not they are weight related.

Michael Watson’s advice to anyone else struggling in their lives: Keep trying no matter how many set backs you experience. Consistency and perseverance are key.