Rico Nasty


Simply put, female rappers don’t get enough recognition at all. It’s not a secret that hip-hop doesn’t view men and women the same. Gender inequality is prominent and always has been. I seriously hope that changes because quite a few female artists are better than many guy rappers. I don’t understand how people can’t see the talent behind the music; it really baffles me. But I’m here today to talk about my favorite female rapper, Rico Nasty.

The 21-year-old rapper is full of energy and charisma. She rages one minute and is completely calm the next. The first time I heard her was on Doja Cat’s song “Tia Tamera” in which Rico features. She absolutely kills it with her raspy voice and charm. Then she mixes it with the beat and the song is undoubtedly a banger. There’s just something about Rico which is unique. Her style, her attitude, her style of rapping. Which is probably why she caught my attention. Image result for rico nasty

Somewhat recently she’s collaborated with Kenny Beats to produce a new project called “Anger Management.” She explores new tones and tries to hook her listeners in with emotional arcs throughout the 18 minutes. It’s intense, gritty, dark, angry, and emotional. Kenny and Rico are no doubt a great pairing as we can see from this project. You experience a whirlwind of emotions on the project and that is one of the reasons why it’s amazing. It’s just fun to listen to; you listen to Rico go on full blown temper tantrums, to being chilled and relaxed the next. I do wish it was longer, but I’m anxious to see what she has in store for us in the future.  Image result for rico nasty

I think why I really like Rico so much is for her personality. She’s crazy and makes crazy, angry, angsty music. She is entertaining to say the least. And Rico has talent. She’s a bit insane, and I think that’s why her fans love her. She’s not your typical rapper, and people love different, myself included. I think Rico can really be something special because we’re just scratching the surface  of what is to come.