Sonic Adventure 2: More Than Just a Glitchfest

The end of the year is just around the corner and that means “lasts” for a lot of people. Last days of classes, last days of work, and for some it’s their last days of highschool. Instead of covering lasts, I will be covering firsts. I will be covering my first Sonic game, the one that got me into the franchise, Sonic Adventure 2.

The icons for the hero and dark mode, showcasing all playable characters.

Sonic Adventure 2 has two story modes, one that follows the heroes and another that follows the villains. The heroes are Sonic, Knuckles, and Miles “Tails” Prower. Their mission is to stop Eggman from activating a thing call the Space Colony ark and potentially destroying the world. The other story is known as the dark story. You play as Shadow, Rouge, and Eggman. Your mission is to activate the space colony. The story is okay, but it gets crazy at some points and reaches cheezy territory a lot. The voice acting is the same thing. Sometimes it’s okay but most times it’s pretty cheesy.

On of the most iconic stages in the series, as well as the first in the game, City Escape.

The gameplay is a mixed bag. There are three types of gameplay styles. There are running based stages, gem finding stages, and stages where you control slow moving mechs. The running stages are for Sonic and Shadow and they are the most fun. Most of the level design for them is great but there are a few that stink. The first stages for both Sonic and Shadow are honestly the best stages in the whole game. The gem finding stages are very meh. In them, you play as Rouge and Knuckles. The levels usually take forever because they are a treasure hunt that takes place around a massive stage. Some of them are fun though, like the Pumpkin Hill stage. The mech stages are honestly the least fun in the game. They are very slow, clunky, and just stink. In them you play as Tails and Eggman. You usually traverse through these large stages where you hover a lot, and the hovering just brings the pace to that of a snail’s. On  top of that, there is a cannon you use to attack which controls horribly.

The music in the game is iconic and is what some people associate with the Sonic series. The running stages have this fast paced, rock track playing while the tank stages have a techno mix playing and the gem stages have a rap track playing. The music is usually very good, but there are some that can only be described as “meh.”

There are some extras to the game such as bonus missions and the chao garden. The side missions are accessed from the level select after you complete a stage. The missions are usually the same between levels so there really is no variety and it just gets repetitive. The chao garden is honestly a great part o

Chao Karate, accessed in the Chao Garden

of the game. You raise these creatures called chaos, and have them compete in karate tournaments and racing. You make them stronger from capsules and animals you collect in missions. 

Sonic Adventure 2 was my intro to Sonic and it had me hooked from the start. It is one of the more memorable entries of the series and in my opinion is a must-play if you are looking to get into the series. Although the game isn’t perfect, and has faults that many can see from miles away, I am going to give it a higher score of a 7.5. Most of the gameplay is fun and you will surely enjoy yourself but some tediousness and annoyances might turn people off and turn them away.