Words From a Syrian Refugee



I’m beautiful, I’m a beauty

and everyone loves me

and I love everyone.

Over time bad people

came and ruined me

and cut me into pieces.

I’m losing myself,

my people.

I’m getting sad

I’m crying and

I’m dying everyday.

I pray everyday

that my people

are safe amd

having a good


**This was a piece created by an AHS 7th grader Roliana Hannan, who had to flee the war in Syria. If interested, here are the details she provided about the war, much of which comes from her family’s personal experience: 

2011 is the year that the war began. On March 6 the demonstration started in the southern city of Daraa. Teenagers were arrested for writing “The people want the regime to fall” on walls across the city, but the next day the police came and had carried them handcuffed out of their classrooms. When people heard that the government did that to the teenagers, they begin to get mad and they started to demonstrate again. After people start demonstrating a lot, Bashar Assad, the president of Syria, did not like how people acted so he started attacking the people who were demonstrating and who wanted a better government and freedom. 2011 was just the beginning of the war. After the demonstrations, people realized that the other governments around them were not helping, so they decided to get guns and fight with Bashar Assad. Bashar Assad decided to fight them, too. And that’s how the war started.

The beginning 2012 people started making groups and two of the groups were named “The Free Army.” The Free Army group was the group of people who were demonstrating. And “The government Army” sides with Bashar Assad. All throughout 2012, the 2 groups were getting ready and making a larger army so they could be stronger.

In 2013, the 2 groups got ready to start a war between each other because of the The Government Army and Army Aircraft to attack The Free Army. After the Army Order sand the Army Aircraft, The Free Army group got mad, so they decided to attack them back. That’s how all of 2013 went, with both Armies attacking each other and getting the places by their names. That’s how they split Syria into 2 pieces because the 2 Armies were attacking each other from different places.  

In 2014, a new group came called “ISIS” and a lot of foreigners joined them. ISIS was really powerful so they got most of the “The Free Army” group out because there were a lot of people in “The Free Army” and they had half of Syria. They controlled all the areas of the forum in the borders of the Syrian Iraq to the outskirts of Aleppo. ISIS was murdering any people who did not join their group. They did more awful things to people who did not want to join the group and said awful things about them.

The U.S. decided to fight ISIS. They wanted to fight with ISIS because they killed a lot of people and they wanted them to stop killing people. So the fight between ISIS and the International Alliance led by the United States of America continued. The “International Alliance” is group of different cultured soldiers and is not just made of U.S troops.

In 201, the fight still continued between “The Free Army” and “The Government Army” and still continued to take over Syria. The other 2 groups still continued to fight ISIS and International Alliance. The U.S.’ main goal was to to destroy ISIS. The number of displaced people from Syria increased greatly, because they were all running away from this tragic war.

In 2017, still the same thing was happening. The war continued between “The Free Army” and “The Government Army”and both sides took over a lot of places in Syria. As a result, many historical buildings and monuments were destroyed, as well as thousands of houses, schools, and hospitals.

According to U.S officials, 2018 brought the end of ISIS. I hope that is the beginning of the end of the war in Syria. I always pray for more peace and that my country heals soon. I wish that peace spreads all over the world.