Leave Your Comfort Zone


To the class of 2019,

This is it – this is when everything changes… Are you ready? Some of you are ready to run out the doors of AHS and never look back, while others want to be chained to your lockers, never wanting to leave a place that has brought you so much comfort. Ready or not, here comes the next step- college, a job, the military – your future is wide open.

You may all take different paths from here but my advice for you is all the same. Have a goal, make plans, and live life with a purpose. Be ready for plans to change and expect some disappointment along the way. Life after high school isn’t all rainbows and sunshine; it gets hard at times. Push through the hard times and you will be better for it. Keep pursuing your goals even if they don’t look exactly like you planned from the beginning. ┬áLife usually doesn’t turn out the way you planned and that’s okay. When I graduated high school, my plans for the future looked much different than how they actually turned out. Being a teacher was never part of my plan, yet here I am! I found a career that I love and that brings me so much joy. Have faith that your life will eventually turn out to be exactly as it should. So to all of you who are ready to never look back, don’t underestimate the value of your high school experience. All the good and the bad, has helped shaped you as a person. You will take with you what you have learned in high school and will continue to grow as you take the next step. To all of you who never want to leave high school- remember the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. It is a risk to leave your comfort zone, but you can do it (you kind of have to). I promise it will be worth it. Best of luck class of 2019!