Hayley Loughlin

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Hayley Loughlin

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If you plan to attend college, which one? If not, what are your plans after high school?

I am planning on attending the Felician University.

In your freshman year, what are somethings seniors told you that may or maynot be true?

A thing that the seniors told me when I was a freshman was how the teachers give you a lot of hard homework, but from my experience, I found this to be false.

How did you grow during your high school experience?

I managed to work my way up from the special education classes and now I’m in a CP class and managed to find difficulty in the work.

Describe a mistake you’ve made that you would advice underclassmen to avoid.

If you can choose your summer reading books, make sure to pick one that you can understand reading to have an easier time doing the book essay.