Mackenzie Seymour


If you plan to attend college, which one? If not, what are your plans after high school?

I’m going to Rowan University for Biochemistry!

What was the highlight of your high school career?

The highlight of my high school career was Senior year as a whole, especially the end of the year. I’ve enjoyed relaxing after all the college stress and watching my hard work pay off.

Describe a mistake you’ve made that you would advise underclassmen to avoid.

Do all of your homework and work as hard as you can!!!! It seems stupid in the moment, but it is super important. 

Shout outs to someone who helped you during your high school experience at Audubon? Teacher, friend, counselor, etc.?

Shout out to Mr. Latham, he’s honestly such a great math teacher and his class was super fun.