World Travellers


Every beginning has an end.  And every end is a new beginning.  It is a cycle seen in every aspect of our lives.  High school is no exception. A year starts, a year ends; only to give way to another.

At Audubon High School, I have taught you the French language using grammar rules, skits, and exercises to help you memorize and succeed in my class.  However, in the real word, you will not be able to speak French fluently if you do not continue to practice. You may remember some things, but your skills will most certainly fade.  You cannot possibly learn a language fluently without being immersed in it; by talking, listening, and talking some more. So my advice for your future, whether it be French or Spanish that you learned: Go travel the world!   

Enhance your French or learn a brand new language through travel and cultural experience.  This will also give you adventure. In turn, it will have a positive impact on your education and your career.  You will gain tolerance, respect, and understanding of other cultures and you will WANT to learn to communicate with others and continue to try new things.  Let this be YOUR new beginning.

Bonne Chance!