Ethan Trieu


               Oh Hi There it is I Ethan, and it’s crazy to think that a fella about to graduate. There’s just so many things, good and bad that I experienced throughout my highschool career too long to share with y’all in just 1 article. If you were to ask little Freshman Ethan how he would turn out, you’d probably get “oh probably spending all his time sleeping and being alone.” Well Freshman Ethan, you are 50% right. But aside from the crazy cat naps, you’re not so alone as you thought you were going to be. You found some confidence and some epic homies as well and now you’re always itching for some adventure.

                But as my time here comes to an end, here’s a friendly reminder to be bold, to smile and to realize that life is a party. Life has too much to offer to just sit around and stay in one spot. Go out there and smile at the vastness of the world and the universe. Good luck Everyone!