Froilan Burbos

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Froilan Burbos

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If you plan to attend college, which one? If not, what are your plans after high school?

I do not wish to attend College and I have no plan to, I wish to work with my Step-Father as a plumber until I figure myself out and join the Military.

Do you have a nickname? If so, where/how did you get it?

Froi or Puroy. The first is because people did not like and could not pronounce my full name. The second is a nickname from my family in the Philippines.

How did you grow during your high school experience?

No idea, I still feel like an idiot kid no matter where.

Any shoutouts for someone who’s helped you during your high school experience? Teacher, friend, counselor, etc.?

My Step-Father Joseph Hague Jr. for introducing me to comics and all the fun of Marvel,

my Mother even if we are not as greatly acquainted as we used to she is still my other,

my Step-Sister April for always giving a nice welcome in the Hague family,

my Martial Arts teacher Hakim Isler for giving me a way of life as a martial artist,

finally Mr.Corley for helping me with a family matter.