Olivia Lewallen


If you plan to attend college, which one? If not, what are your plans after high school?

I’m attending Boston University.

Do you have a nickname? If so, where/how did you get it?

My family calls me Louis for no reason.

How did you grow during your high school experience?

I feel like I came out of my shell a lot through school activities. I was pretty reserved in middle school, but now I feel like I’ve found my voice. I speak when I feel is needed rather than just staying quiet. By being part of activities and having an active role in the classroom, I’ve definitely found areas that I’m passionate to speak about.

Any shoutouts for someone who’s helped you during your high school experience? Teacher, friend, counselor, etc.?

I know he gets a lot of praise, but it’s truly deserved. Mr. Marino has been such an impactful person on my life in high school. He turned my strong liking of science into a love for discovery and invention. My time with him in class was not only the most fun part of the day, but also the most academically satisfying and challenging. He truly motivates all of his students beyond the classroom and I’m lucky to have had him as a teacher for three classes. He often stressed the importance of women in science which has really stuck with me over the years and pushed me to stick with my passions in times where I might give up out of intimidation. His words gave me a lot of confidence and because of him, I’m going to become an awesome engineer one day. I can’t thank him enough for everything he has done and still does for his students everyday.