The Worst Test I’ve Ever Taken

The room was silent. The AC was on high, and had been for a few hours by now. Besides that, all that could be heard in the cold room was shuffling of feet and incessant typing of keyboards. Behind you, teachers walked back and forth, creating an element of fear in your body. Little did you know this was only the beginning of the fear you would experience. 

You had already deemed the standardized test idiotic and decided to guess your way through the last couple of sections since it didn’t count towards anything. Sitting back in your desk, you observed the rest of the class while your laptop was still open at question 22 of 23. 

At first, you couldn’t see anything wrong with them. Everybody seemed normal, until you realized that everybody’s screens were dark. Blank. They continued on pressing the keys like there was something on it. When you looked down, your screen was still on. 

Feeling the fear rise up your body at the realization, you sat up in your seat and turned around. The teachers were gone. All that was left was you, and your classmates, who were in some kind of spell. 

You wanted to get up from your seat, get out of the classroom and run far, far away, but for some reason, you couldn’t will yourself from the seat. So you sat as the situation escalated very quickly. 

First, it started with everybody stopping the typing at the same time, and soon, the AC was shut off. You were all left in complete silence. Suddenly, as bile began rising in your throat, they all turned to you. All the way, 360 degrees. You had the bright idea of pinching yourself so you could wake up from this terrible dream and oh god, please end please- but it didn’t. All that was left was the blank stares and your numb arm. 

“What’s going on?” 

Your question fell on deaf ears. Their mouths fell open, and the dark red blood poured down, onto their shirts, their chairs, the floors. White shoes were red now, blonde hair had blood stains on it, the floor was slanted and the blood was traveling fast- 

Your vomit mixed with the blood almost perfectly. You hated blood. Hated it so much, you would rather take the actual standardized test. 

In a moment of pure adrenaline, you turned back to your laptop. The screen was blank, and then the red words greeted you.

“Learned your lesson?” 


While the blood began pooling around your feet, you could feel the thick liquid beginning to flow from your own nose. You clicked the YES, tears mixing with your vomit and blood and spit. 

In a moment, everybody’s head snapped forward. The blood disappeared, the vomit was gone. The teachers were back, and it was like nothing had ever happened. The clock read an hour before than whatever it was that just happened happened. New blood red words appeared on your screen.

“Try this time.”