Unsolved: Jayme Closs


Where is Jayme Closs? Jayme is a 13 year old girl who lived in Berlin, Wisconsin. She was in 8th grade attending Riverview Middle School and was described as an energetic and happy girl. Jayme was a dancer, ice skater, and volleyball player in and outside of her school. Her parents were James and Denise Closs and were known to be attentive and all around supportive parents to Jayme. On Monday, October 15th, 2018 the Berlin Police Academy received a strange phone call from the Closs household at 1 AM. The police reported hearing banging and yelling through the phone, but could not make out any type of conversation during the 911 phone call. Finding the phone call strange, the police rushed to the Closs’ house within four minutes to make sure everything was okay. Once the police arrived, they approached the household’s back door which seemed to have been kicked in. Upon entering the house, the department found James and Denise dead on their living room floor, with no signs of Jayme.

Both of Jayme’s parents were shot dead in their own home, but where was she? Did she escape? Was she looking for help? After Jayme’s disappearance, the police filed a missing persons report and sent out an AMBER alert nationwide. Later that day, the police issued a press conference at the town hall. The chief of police was reported saying, “She has been missing for a day and a half and our community is concerned for her safety.” This was issued out to make people aware of this missing 13 year old and it was asking for help from anyone, anywhere.

Within days, the station received a tip from an anonymous source claiming to have seen Jayme in Miami, Florida at a gas station with two men. On October 17th, the police announced that the tip from Florida was not credible. After the Miami sighting, the department began to receive hundreds of tips from all over the nation about Jayme’s whereabouts, but all were proven to be uncredible, false, or hoaxes. On October 22nd, investigators identified two cars that may have been involved in Jayme’s abduction, but once again the lead was unfortunately proven false.

On October 23rd, 2,000 people went out to search for Jayme in her town. Her community searched the woods, homes, and numerous different spots in her town in an effort to bring Jayme home. The next day, the police sent out a flyer offering $25,000 to the person who found Jayme and brought her back home safe. On October 27th, a 32 year old man was found walking the perimeter of Closs’ house which has been abandoned for almost a month at this time. The man was arrested and questioned, but was only charged for burglary. He claimed to be looking for their clothes. While going back over the crime scene in the Closs’ house, the police department discovered little to no fingerprints, which made it impossible to convict anyone of the murder and abduction of the Closs family. A neighbor of the family came to the police and shared that she heard gunshots around 12:30 at night, but did not call the police initially since the town is known for hunting. Her statement wasn’t very useful due to the fact that the time she had claimed to hear the gunshot and the time of the 911 call did not correlate.

There were still no strong leads involving the Jayme Closs case. Many people have come forth with theories about what had actually happened to Jayme Closs. Was she put into sex trafficking? Was she the one who killed her parents? Did she run away from home after? Or was it a boyfriend who killed the parents and encouraged her to leave with him? The questions go on and on.

Luckily, Jayme was found over a year later on January 10, 2019. The man that abducted her kept her under his bed in a cage with little to no food or water. Everyone is extremely thankful she is back home and safe. Send hopes to Jayme that she is still okay and doing well!