The Seven Deadly Sins


Long ago, in a time before the human and non human world were forever divided, there lived a group of knights who were known as the Seven Deadly Sins. It’s a story that follows the adventures of a group of powerful knights known as The Seven Deadly Sins. It follows them as they attempt to save their land from evil. Each character is immensely powerful in their own right and are feared by everyone who stands against them.

This story was first debuted October 2014 and ended in March of 2015. It was dubbed in English on November 1st 2015 and was posted as a Netflix original. The story immediately took hold with Western audiences, gaining in popularity with intense speed. The new season of The Seven Deadly Sins anime is premiering in Japan this October. It seems that the new season will continue the story with the timeline of the manga.

The only problem for American audiences is that Netflix will most likely dub this season again, which will push the release date back even further after the ending of the show’s airing in Japan. Thankfully, due to its popularity, Netflix  will most likely not hold back in releasing the season. So, the best numbers that we have been able to find is that it will be released in July or August of next year.

If you are ahead of the game and read the manga, then this next part is for you. But if you do not read the manga, then I suggest not reading this next part for it contains spoilers for the story.

In the heated battle for the body of Zeldris, we can all be sure that the tide of the battle has changed. Since Diane removed the Demon King from the lake, it removed his regenerative abilities. Doing so takes away the edge that the Demon King had over the Sins. Then, on the last page we had our spines tingling for the next chapter. We got a line by the Lion Sin, saying “It’s high noon,” which is a line (for those who know what happens to him at noon) that lets readers know how much trouble the Demon King is in. 

So all in all, this story seems to be going into an amazing point, both in their manga sections and anime, and especially with the anime following so closely with the manga’s material.