Epic Eric Grassi

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Epic Eric Grassi

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For the 2019-2020 Parrot‘s first edition of Where Are They Now?, I’ve interviewed an alumni of the Class of 2018, a trusted friend and confidante of mine, a notorious Youtube entrepreneur, Parrot Alumni, and guru of all things Kanye West and MF DOOM: Eric Grassi. When I sat down (figuratively) with Mr. Grassi and texted him my questions, we looked into things like his best high school memories, plans for the future, music recommendations, and the future of Pianosandawesome as a whole. Let’s get started.


Joe: Are you ready to be interviewed my friend?

Eric: Ye

Joe: How has life been?

Eric: Life has been both incredibly strange and good as possible. Life crazy.

Joe: So now that you’re almost two years out of high school, how have you been keeping yourself busy? Any pastimes or hobbies of note?

Eric: I see my friends a lot, sit around and think about how I hate college, listen to music, and work on designs.

Joe: Not many current students know about it, but a lot of alumni and seniors are aware of your history with content creation on Youtube under the name Pianosandawesome. Would you consider Pianosandawesome to be a paramount priority in your life right now, or has that become more of a side project?

Eric: … It’s more of a side project, not much progress has been made but there’s a few ideas in the works.

Joe: Certainly, certainly. It must be weird looking back now and seeing how the sands of time are sweeping away the legacy of Pianosandawesome and the quality content you and other producers put out- we here at The Parrot will always respect our roots and remember the legacy of Run The Bases. Perhaps our readers can expect to see a Run The Bases 1-9 review soon? Time will tell. You mentioned you like to listen to music and make designs – what kind of music do you like, and are your designed influenced at all by this taste?

Eric: Run The Bases is a particularly odd series. It requires a lot of planning and coordination so there’s no telling when that’ll make a return, but it may eventually. Anyway … Kanye West once said “bought an alligator, I ain’t talkin Lacoste” and I’ve lived by those words since. I listen to a strange mix of artists, but they all certainly play a part in my designs and work.

Joe: Always gotta, guy. How do you feel about the hype behind Jesus Is King (Kanye’s newest album)?

Eric: I’m very excited. I’m not huge on the whole religious part, but if there’s anyone who’s made it work in the past, and will continue to make it work, it’s Kanye West.

Joe: That’s ill, I know I’m definitely riding the hype train myself. How long have you been a fan of Mr. West and his work?

Eric: It’s been a few good years or so by now. I don’t remember exactly, but whenever I first heard ‘Hey Mama‘.

Joe: That’s wicked. Do you have any advice for current students, as someone who’s been there and done that and is moving forward with life?

Eric: More than anything, make the most of everything you can. The best is yet to come in life, and close the yearbook when you leave (yes I’m @ing a few people). Also don’t take interviews for the paper after you leave. Subscribe to Pianosandawesome. Finally, above everything, enjoy having Mr. Marino as a teacher because it’s all downhill after that.

Joe: Well Eric, I think that’s a great message to end on. From one current member of the Parrot to a former member, the whole staff wishes you the best on your endeavors, the best for Jesus Is King, the best for Pianosandawesome, and hopes you stay type through everything.