A Story About Cute Puppies :)


In the apocalypse, you never expect to see anything nice and happy anymore. The one major rule to surviving: don’t let it fool you. 

With a shotgun at the ready, she approaches the dilapidated barn slowly, stepping through the high grass, listening closely for signs of life, raising the gun higher and steadier when she hears faint whimpers from inside. 

Behind her, a member of her group advances, holding a sharp knife up in attack mode. she kicks at the barn door, and it swings open, revealing a seemingly empty barn to the run down group. 

They all sigh, knowing after a little upkeep and protection, they would be able to rest in the barn for the night. 

One of them searches the inside, shining a flashlight at the ground. She comes across a small gathering of puppies, old enough to see, young enough to be scared. 

“Come look at this.” the group member called out, a light smile adorning her face as she reached down tentatively to pet one of the excited puppies. The group surrounded them as well, all looking faintly happy to find that all they had to worry about was a few small pups. 

So, they settled there for the night, all of them huddled together on a large bale of hay, listening to the sounds of the night, clutching their weapons close to their chests. 

It wasn’t until the sunlight broke through the clouds and could be seen through the open space of the roof in the barn, did the first group member smell it.

Rotting flesh, the wafting blood, gurgles of pain. Fear seized her quickly, and she opened her eyes to look around her. 

The four other survivors who had been traveling with her, were all dead. The puppies, now grown monsters with teeth growing out of their unsuspecting fur and yellow glowing eyes, were devouring her friends one by one, and were about to reach her. 

With a quick gasp, she stood and aimed the shotgun at the puppies, shooting the leading one straight between its dull yellow eyes, and it exploded into blue blood and guts across the floor. 

To her surprise, the other puppies whined and disappeared back into the crooked floorboards of the barn. 

She learned that day that fear was around every corner, and she should be wary of everything, no matter how small and cute they seem to be in the beginning. 

This is the apocalypse.