IT 2 Review

IT 2 Review

The other day I went to the movies to watch the new IT 2 movie with a couple of my buddies. When we talked after the movie  we all agreed that the movie had some nice qualities throughout. Yet the problem that we found was that we weren’t scared of the jumpscares.  

Even my little cousin who hates scary movies in their entirety wasn’t all that scared. My thing is that when you are only able to scare a child very little, I’d have to say that the movie shouldn’t be known as a horror movie. Yet there are some good qualities that come out of this movie (besides finding a place for a romance in the middle of the story) which is found at the very end.

The end of the movie comes and the Club learns that one of them was able to damage Pennywise by making him smaller in their minds. Small enough to be killed. So the group begins running to the exit hoping to make him small enough to kill because of how tight the hole is. But the clown blocks their path, then they realize that there’s more than one way to make someone (or in this case, thing) smaller. It’s to show them how little they really are. They do this by yelling names at him just like a bunch of teenage bullies who hurt your feelings your freshman year. Yet this surprisingly worked and slowly this massive unbeatable creature was shrinking and getting frailer and frailer. Until finally they were able to kill it. Proving once and for all that bullying does actually kill. 

I am being serious about this. For this scene in particular is actually the most true thing that I’ve seen in this movie. Because it goes right along with psychology. When you are young and bullied you are impacted by it immensely; some people keep pushing back while others cave in and begin to believe what the others are calling them. Yet in reality it does not have to be just when you are young. It can be at any point in your life. When people call you terrible things it begins a process that tears down your self esteem, making you more susceptible to believing the hatred that they are pushing into your mind. 

In turn, psychologically making you smaller. Making you weaker and unable to defend yourself. That is what makes this movie partly good in my eyes. It deals with real world struggles and the dark truth about what mentally happens when you put someone down. Although I love what this portion of the story represents, I still can’t overlook that the movie was more funny than scary. So, I’d have to say that if you are looking for a scare, then this is not the movie for you, but for life lessons this ending is an amazing one.