The Guardian’s Potential

Chapter 1: To Be King

Everyone! Our Kings were challenged by the underdog! Get to the courtyard quick!” screamed a young boy as he rushed out of the classroom and onto the next. Everyone in the room shot up without hesitation and almost ran over each other looking for a viewpoint from a safe distance. Eventually every single window in the circular school had students jumping over each other just to get a glimpse at what was going on.

In the center of the school there lay a courtyard full of beautiful vegetation and life. In recent years it has become a place of tranquillity and peace in Drakon High School where students of all statures can work together and make each other stronger. But this school isn’t like most others. Here, only those with exceptional abilities can even have a chance at getting in. There is a student government that organizes power like that of a deck of cards; Jacks are the weakest of the royals, following them are the Queens and Kings. They make up the Royals who rule over the school. Yet, above them is the most powerful student in the building: The Ace.

Usually in schools that have this type of system, they don’t even have an Ace, for there is no one strong enough to fill the role and compete against the might of other Aces. All the while in recent years Drakon High has gained immensely powerful students with even more dangerous abilities. 

While other schools usually live in turmoil because of the instability of their royals, Drakon High’s newest King decided to take a different approach to the system by having two Kings instead of one. Doing so allowed for one to work on improving the status of the school in battles against royals from other schools. While this is going on, the other keeps peace and keeps the students happy by supporting them. But soon, that will all change…

There, in the center of the courtyard were the two Kings, battling with their all against a student who wasn’t even breaking a sweat. Wherever he pointed his hand a barrier of green energy would appear and block incoming attacks. No matter how hard they tried, the two Kings couldn’t even lay a hand on him, let alone even get close enough to make an attack.

The large brute of a King charged at the challenger only to have a barrier change his path in the way of his ally’s own attack. In an instant, the first King had crumpled to the ground. His hands mangled and were broken, with large lacerations all along his back. He laid there, motionless with the only sign of life being his chest which was still moving. 

The second King filled the air around him in a dark cloud of smoke that he transformed into large spikes. One after the other he vollied the spikes at his opponent. He began screaming out at the man in a whirlwind of emotions and pain. Yet even with putting all of his strength into the attacks. They did nothing to stop the inevitable force that was walking towards him. 

Their challenger created a cube of his energy around him to defend against every attack that came his way. He was even able to part the thick smoke and walk straight up to the King. Looking at the final standing King with a smile. He then struck The King with a single punch and the King fell to his knees, blood dripping out of his mouth, a large indentation in his chest. 

The Kings of Drakon High were defeated without mercy. Everyone who was watching the fight stood there in disbelief at seeing the two men they had come to see as protectors and fathers be beaten so brutally. There was complete silence in every single classroom. No one dared to even move or go back to class hoping that the two of them were going to get back up and win the fight. But instead the school nurse rushed out with paramedics holding stretchers for the young men. 

Everyone watched as the two previous Kings were carried out the front doors and taken away. Many students who looked up to them began to tear up at the thought that the violence that took over other schools could finally return back to Drakon. Finally, the blond haired and slender student who took down the previous Kings turned away and walked back to class. For this man, Luke Rightwell, was now the King of Drakon…