A Return to MegaMan 11 and Righting My Wrongs

A Return to MegaMan 11 and Righting My Wrongs

I made a mistake with my MegaMan 11 review. I only reviewed the demo, which kept out key features of the full release. I have decided to re-review the game and include all the features the full game has to offer. 

MegaMan 11 is the most recent addition to the MegaMan franchise and I was really excited. I’ve grown up with MegaMan my whole life, with one of the games being my first game I ever played. The only mainline MegaMan I played before this was MegaMan 3, so when I saw it on sale with the entire MegaMan and MegaMan X series, I knew I needed to buy the bundle (a foreshadowing for later reviews).  I played through the entirety of the MegaMan franchise and experienced the best and worst of the series, so I went into this game with my expectations somewhat high. This game was fairly surprising in both good and bad ways.

The story was very “meh.” It follows the basics the franchise is known for: Dr. Wily gets angry at Dr. Light for some arbitrary reason, so he decides to take control of Dr. Light’s robots and wreak havoc. This causes Dr. Light’s assistant, Rock (or Mega in the U.S. release), to gear up as MegaMan and save the day. It’s been mostly the same story every game. They tried to add backstory to the game, by showing an altercation between a young Light and Wily, which is supposed to leave the player with assuming the altercation is why Wily hates Light so much. The only issue I have is that the scene is done lazily and doesn’t add really anything since it gets explained throughout what little plot there is. What disappointed me is that some older MegaMan games told so much more and in a much more interesting way, without so much text. The story of ProtoMan was explained in a few words and it worked out so well, so how come they missed their mark on this game? Other than that, there is nothing really special about the story.

The gameplay was utterly fantastic. The basics are just like almost every other MegaMan. You have a run, a jump, a slide, and an attack. You get more attacks from bosses that represent that boss’ ability (ex: Bounce Man’s attack has you fire bouncy balls.). You can also unlock abilities for Rush, MegaMan’s dog, as the game goes on. There is also a new system in the game called the dual gear system. It provides Rock with two new abilities, one that slows down time and another that makes attacks much more powerful. For the most part, not much was changed from the gameplay other than one major thing which is the addition of a shop. The shop is a mixed bag for me as you can buy lives and stuff to make the game easier or you can buy upgrades and do stuff that you wouldn’t have been able to do before. 

One of my favorite parts of the game was the level design. The levels are lively and they were just so fun to go through. I also love that even though this is a newer MegaMan game, it still has the difficulty the games are known for. 

MegaMan 11 was a pretty fun game and one of my favorites in the main franchise. There were some bads, such as some questionable voice acting, the shop, and some functions being essentially mandatory to use, but that didn’t take away too much from the good: the fluid gameplay, the nice 2.5d graphics, and the difficulty that MegaMan is known for. I would rate this game and 8.5 or 9 out of 10. I enjoyed every second of this game and hope that others can too.