The Guardian’s Potential P2

Chapter 2: The Monarchy Rising 

“I’m going to kill you, fake king!” roared the Jack of the previous Kings towards the calm and collected Luke. This idiot’s name was Garrett King, and he has been a devoted and caring friend to the Kings. His curly red hair and fit body usually scared most students in the school out of fighting him. He was one of the few with such an appearance.  Garrett’s eyes began glowing a bright orange, growing in intensity as Luke drew closer to him. 

“Do you really want to strike at your new King, after seeing what those jokers attempted? You of all people should realize just how outclassed you are. You are but an ant compared to my glory.” Spoke Luke. He continued forward until he was a foot away from the burning fist of Garrett. Luke glanced down at Garrett’s fist and in the time it took for Luke’s eyes to look into Garrett’s. Garrett’s fists were encased in cube barriers, completely extinguishing the flames in Garrett’s hands. 

Garrett’s eyes turned back to their original brown color as he lowered his head in defeat. Then out of nowhere, another barrier crashed against Garrett’s side, throwing him into the lockers against the wall. “You are no longer the Jack of the True King. You will no longer have any status or rank in this school. All you are is just another weakling” Spoke Luke with rage filling his voice. Then, Luke looked up and into the dark corner, raising his hand to point into the darkness. 

“Students of Drakon High, I give you your new Jack. The Shadow of Drakon …Vlad Markarove. Please step out of the darkness and into your new title, my Jack.” Said Luke with a wild grin on his face. Then, out of the darkness a figure emerged as if it were walking through a black slime. But after it’s 4 steps to reach Luke, the dark slime-like substance formed into the body of a young man wearing a black hoodie and black jeans. His eyes had a deep purple glow to them and his dark brown hair was combed over to the side. 

“Well then, I’m guessing I have no choice but to become your Jack, my King” Spoke Vlad in a critical tone while emphasising the King. Vlad then turned around and began walking back into the darkness. Yet before he reached his hideaway a voice rang through the stillness; a deep, harsh, and commanding voice. 

“I didn’t tell you to leave, now go and prove to me that you are the new Jack and break your predecessor ” Said Luke sternly. He then released Garrett from the barrier’s that held him in place and motioned for Garrett to stand up. After which, barriers were brought up around the two of them, locking the two students in place. 

Vlad looked in horror as Garrett’s entire body began to glow orange and the tiny box they were in began to heat up rapidly. Vlad activated his ability and his eyes glowed blue and all of the shadows of the room seemed to reach out towards him. A chill reached through the air, cooling the arena. Then, Garrett threw himself towards Vlad to hit him with his flaming fist. 

There was a loud bang, as if something hit the barrier with great force. Yet, when everyone looked at the barrier they saw Garrett’s burning fist against a smooth black barrier that seemed to be moving yet solid. The two  young men were both struggling, one to keep the wall up and the other trying to break through it.