Who killed Wano de Grier Walsh?


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In the large, beautiful cemetery of the village of Sleepy Hollow lays Wano de Grier Walsh, an actress who was subject to a massive murder mystery in 1903.

Looking at the large crypt where she was laid to rest, Walsh written in large letters at the front, you can almost feel the sadness that melts out of the stone. As the tour guide told the story, shining through the light reflecting from the lanterns, I was instantly interested in the murder mystery.

Wano de Grier Walsh, as the tour guide explained, was beautiful for her time and was the center of attention at every party. She was an ambitious actress living in New York City, recently divorced from an unsupportive husband with a young son, when she met Edward Dewitt Walsh at a party. Over time, they fell in love and got married.

Edward Dewitt Walsh was a wealthy businessman, and as their own family grew, so did their number of homes. But as the stock market rose and fell, so did his finances. Edward was forced to sell some of their homes, keeping a large home in Montclair, New Jersey. Wano, who loved entertaining and having parties, objected to this, but was happy to know she could still have her dinner parties and their many children would have a large yard to run around in.

In November of 1903, The Walshes hosted a dinner party for three friends, two men and a woman. After dinner was over, Wano went to the kitchen to retrieve the coffee for the guests, but as she was making her way back, she tripped and fell unconscious. Edward found her on the ground, and promptly carried her upstairs to their bedroom. The woman, named Ms. Earle, followed to see if she could be of assistance.

When Wano came to, she was very upset that she had fallen, and told her husband to go back downstairs and tend to the men of the party. Ms. Earle said she would stay with Wano to help her. After Edward left, Ms. Earle went to the bathroom to find something for Wano’s pain.


Heard throughout the house was a loud gunshot, and when the party ran into the bedroom, they found Wano dead, with a gunshot wound through her heart.

The doctor was called, and Wano was pronounced dead at the scene. Two hours after the doctor left, the police were finally called. The death was ruled a suicide, as Wano had neuralgia, and she may have ended her life to be rid of the pain. Even with this, many people still believe that it was a murder, since every person at the party had a contradictory statement to the others.

To this day, Wano lay in Sleepy Hollow, the only person who knew what really happened that night. What do you think happened? Was it a suicide? Do you think somebody killed Wano de Grier Walsh?