Celebrating MegaMan’s Birthday Together


This week, I won’t be reviewing a game but instead prepping for the celebration of a series. Coming up in December is the 32nd birthday of MegaMan, and to celebrate I’m going to indulge in 32 pieces of MegaMan media. This includes games, shows, comics, and movies (if there are any). The reason I’m doing this is because MegaMan is a series that I hold near and dear to my heart. It was one of the first series I’ve ever played and is one of the major reasons I got into gaming. 

In terms of the celebration, I had to set rules so that it wouldn’t be too easy to get to 32 pieces of media. Each game of course counts as one entry, even if they are in a compilation. So in MegaMan Legacy Collection, which has MegaMan 1-6, each game in the collection still counts as one piece. Games that technically have 2 games but have the same story don’t count as two pieces. An example of this is the MegaMan Starforce series. Those games technically have two games in one, but they are the same exact game with a single ability being different. With shows, the entire series counts as one piece of media. There are some things that make this easy such as a MegaMan X OVA, which consists of only one episode. As for the comics, 10 issues count as 1 piece. This doesn’t sound like a lot, but the MegaMan (Archie Comics) series has over 55 issues, not including crossovers or comics from fans and other companies. 

I have already started my celebration, with the completion of MegaMan 11 being my first piece done, and I will be documenting my journey via reviews through the paper. If you would like to join me, email [email protected], and I will publish your progress along with mine. My next venture will be the first MegaMan Legacy Collection, so expect that sometime soon.