Confessions of A Sociopath by M.E. Thomas


Confessions of a Sociopath by M.E. Thomas includes something like an autobiography in which the author speaks in depth on her indecent childhood and how that molded her into the sociopath she is to this day: A functioning lawyer and professor who donates 10% of her paycheck to charity. The author also paints a somewhat macabre picture as she goes into how her sociopathic tendencies affect her everyday life including her emotional responses to family and friends, or lack thereof. It’s quite an enjoyable book to read due to the diary format Thomas uses.

However, once getting through the first half of the book, the author’s feelings and emotions become redundant and there’s only so many ways you can tell someone that you don’t have any empathy or regret. If you’re a fact-monger then this book isn’t the one for you because it embodies little to no expertise, but instead consistently talks about perspective. As a whole, the book itself is worth the read if you are bored and have absolutely no other reading material on hand. If you were to ask whether or not you should go to Barnes and Nobles and pick up a copy, however, I would probably tell you to go attempt another book by another author. I would give Confessions of a Sociopath a 3 out 5 stars and that’s being generous.