The Guardian’s Potential P3

Chapter 3: A Queen Should be Kind

“What in Heaven’s name are you two doing? Back off from each other, power down and EVERYONE GET BACK TO CLASS. So, whoever has the barrier up, trapping the two of them, take it down. Also, whoever is the new King and Jack needs to come with me to the hospital so that we can ensure that you didn’t just kill our previous two Kings,” spoke a frustrated girl with tanned skin. 

The students parted ways, allowing The Queen of Drakon to walk up to the barrier and place a hand on it with a maniacal grin. In moments the barrier shattered and Luke spit up a bit of blood while grasping at his chest. Her flowing black hair moved like the tides of an ocean. She walked up to the two Jacks, slapped both of them and grabbed Vlad by his ear to drag him over to the hurt Luke. With a swift motion she locked his arm in with hers and began walking away leaving Garrett panting and all of the students shocked at what had transpired. 

“Do you even know you I am? I am the King of this school, and you have no….” That was Luke, before The Queen spoke.

“I’m guessing you’re new here, my name is Grace North and I’m The Queen so next time when I say to deactivate your abilities, you better listen. Also before you ask, no I don’t care that you dethroned the old Kings AND my Jack. But the moment you step against me, I will destroy you.” Spoke the young Queen with a cold and commanding voice that even made Luke look terrified.

Grace got the two other royals into her car and drove the two of them to the hospital. When they walked into the building Vlad’s knees began to quake till he crumpled to the ground. Luke laid his hand on a nearby chair to steady himself, but the metal of the chair began to bend so he pulled his hand away. Grace, being one of the only ones accustomed to this pressure continued her walk to the room where the former Kings were waiting. 

Then, out of nowhere the pressure lifted and Grace entered the room. On the bed closest to the door was the older and thinner King Ivan Bencroft. He was sitting upright in his bed, chowing down on chocolate pudding. In the second bed was a larger man laying on his stomach with a woman sewing the lacerations that were on his back closed.

“So, King Ivan… WHAT IN THE WORLD WERE YOU THINKING LOSING TO A WEAKLING LIKE THAT?!” screamed Grace as she slapped the pudding out of Ivan’s hands. His eyes followed the trail of the pudding to where it landed and his face became sadder. “Now why did you go and do that? That pudding did nothing to you. But if you wanna yell at anyone go talk to the other guy,” complained Ivan, motioning towards Aaron while turning on the T.V. in front of him to the science channel.

Grace sighed and walked over to the original King. “Aaron Havoc, what happened to you? You used to have quite literally a chiseled body.” Grace raised her hand towards the large gut that Aaron had. “Now look at you, you aren’t the powerhouse King that everyone remembers and feared. Please, for the good of the students who looked up to us as more than just Royals, get yourselves straightened out.” Grace said this and then turned, slowly walking to the door, a single tear falling down her cheek. As she walked passed the TV she looked up and made the tear float upwards and break apart the show about black holes. 

As Grace walked out of the room she saw Luke and Ivan waiting across the hall. They then began their walk out in silence until Luke finally spoke up. “I noticed something in my fight with those two. While in school they act stupid and mess around, yet in a fight they are very tactical and know how to fight. But my question is, what kind of ability does Aaron have? He never even activated it in the fight, yet was able to start damaging my barriers with his bare hands.” He looked towards the two of them waiting for the answer. They walked on without a word until Grace stopped just before the front doors to the hospital. 

“Aaron’s ability is called Gravitation. In short it allows him to increase or decrease the gravity in an area. When he was in a single rule in his first year with Ivan as his Jack, they were already an unbeatable force in the state. Giving Aaron the nickname The Singularity after people realized anyone who goes against him is obliterated just like a black hole. Meanwhile, Ivan was given the nickname Black Plague for he was able to take out most of his opponents without them even knowing he was there. You are lucky you came when you did, because the two of them a year ago, during their Junior year, would have wiped the floor with you, all the while not even needing a breath,” Grace said. Both Luke and Ivan looked back towards the door that Grace had just walked out of. Both of their calm and collected expressions that had people believe they were above everyone vanished. They both walked wide eyed to the car they went to the hospital with. As the three Royals drove away, Luke–who was sitting in the front seat next to Grace–who was driving– looked into the mirror back towards the hospital. His face had a confused look on it as he stared into the mirror.