SDS Character Review 1

SDS Character Review 1

The Seven Deadly Sins: Meliodas

(There are manga spoilers in this article. You have been warned)

So, this won’t be like any normal review that you’ll see. For the next few weeks I will be reviewing each of the Sins from The Seven Deadly Sins anime/manga. By doing this I am hoping to help people understand how amazing each character is and to see the struggles they have to atone for the sins of which they are each burdened. Without further ado, I’ll be going in order of which sin rejoined the team. 

Starting off, we have The Captain of the Sins; The Dragon Sin of Wrath: Meliodas. When we first meet him he seems to be a happy go-lucky kid looking for a fellow who owns a bar called the Boar Hat Tavern. A young girl named Elizabeth arrives and asks for his help as knights search for her to bring her home. This is when we find out one of the reasons he is shown to be Wrath. With ease, this young man completely decimates every knight in the area. 

Yet, he still seems kind and nice. Then, over the course of the anime we see Meliodas begin to lose control over his emotions, his body becoming encased in dark energy. During the third season (Netflix standards) we learned why we kept seeing flashbacks of a red haired girl laying against a stone wall. She was Meliodas’ girlfriend at the time and her death made him lose all control of his emotions, completely annihilating the entire city in a few moments and in turn giving Meliodas the title of the Dragon Sin of Wrath. However, he evolves in that same episode by confronting his fear enough times to gain even more control over his wrath, to the point where it is stated that his rage is no longer uncontrollable like it was before. Now it is focused and precise.

Then in the manga we get even more development when Meliodas absorbs the Ten Commandments into himself; by doing so he accidentally allows his father, the current Demon King, to control his body. During his internal fight with his father, Meliodas changes again, gaining even more power and becoming the equivalent of a Demon King himself. 

He then overcame his own wrath in totality. Even when his own father, The Demon King took over his brother’s body, Meliodas stayed positive. By this happening, it brought his character arc full circle: From the man who could lose control in an instant and hurt his friends without a care to a man who talks first before acting, trying not to hurt others if it was at all possible. It makes him one of the most inspiring characters for people who have trouble controlling their emotions. He overcomes the emotion that plagued his life for so long, no longer the embodiment of wrath and hatred, but the embodiment of hope.