Lil Tecca : We Love You Tecca

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Lil Tecca is another artist who is blowing up in the rap game and accumulating numbers only veterans can dream of having. Once a local high school Soundcloud rapper, Tecca has made a large jump to top of Apple Music’s and Billboard’s Hot 100 charts. He’s risen the ranks by producing his own beats and lyrics, whilst being a high school student. He produced his first studio album “We Love You Tecca” only 3 months after blowing up on Soundcloud by releasing his hit single “Ransom.” He has also recently been signed by Republic Records at only 17 years old, meanwhile still attending high school and intending to graduate. However, he is not focused on his academics but instead more on his music.

In his early age of growing up in New York in 7th grade, he relocated to Five Towns, Long Island where he wanted to play basketball and eventually play in the NBA. However, he would learn that he was not a good enough player and began to focus on music. His album was influenced and inspired by his diversity within the game and he describes his relationship with the industry as one of love and hate. He claims there is a strict split; you’re either a fan or a hater. I personally would describe Tecca’s album as enlightening considering it shows his side of the story. I like how he doesn’t try to flex money, drugs, and guns like the many other teen male rap artists. I have learned to respect Lil Tecca as a growing man, but his lyrics at the same time are childish and his beats seem to be made by a kid playing around in his basement with a drum set. One thing you can notice about his rhythm is that he stresses the pronunciation of the last word of each line. However even with his childish demographic, fans continue to pile up and love his music and style. I would label this kid as a flash in the pan for now and his album to be quite mediocre. Prove me wrong, Mr. Tecca.