Marvelous Marco Lopez

For this week’s Where Are They Now? Im interviewing a good friend of mine, Marco Lopez. Marco graduated in 2018 and has experienced a lot since then. In this interview he discusses his favorite teachers, and what made him decide on his career path:

Jordan: Hi Marco, so what have you been up too since high school?

Marco:  I’ve been working and going to college. I’ve also recently been over to Europe since then, but everything else is about the same.

Jordan: That’s really cool, what college are you attending and what are you majoring in?

Marco: I’m at Camden County college majoring in mathematics.

Jordan: Nice, so how has college been different than high school?

Marco: In college you have a lot more freedom but the workload is a lot more. So homework is basically for your own benefit and you don’t have to turn it in but if you don’t do it you’ll fail the class.

Jordan: Yeah I could imagine. Did anything inspire you to major in mathematics?

Marco: The main thing that inspired me was good ol’ Mr. Latham. I wanted to be a lawyer for a long time until I took his AP Calculus class and he made me realize I liked math more than anything else so I guess if it wasn’t for him I would have been studying criminal justice at Rutgers.

Jordan: Mr. Latham seems like one of your favorite teachers from high school, what other teachers or memories were your favorite?

Marco: Football games, marching band competitions, cross country and winter track meets, tennis, senior prank, and definitely senior trip

Jordan: Ok one more question for you Marco, what is one thing you wish you knew when you were in high school?

Marco: I wish I knew that stress really isn’t worth it and life really can only get better.

Jordan: That’s some good advice, thank you for letting me interview you!

Marco: Of course.