Talkative Tom Colbert

A personal goal of mine as one of the chief writers for the Where Are They Now? section of The Parrot this year is to try to really get a feel for people whom I interview, and see the different paths of life our AHS alumni have taken in the months, years, or decades since their graduation. While I do plan on getting an interview with Joe Flacco and/or William Siri’s ghost, in the meantime I’m going to put serious focus on interviewing alumni just like you and me; on this week’s edition of our alumni interview section, I’m happy to interview a trusted friend of mine, Tom Colbert. Sitting down over Snapchat for an interview with Tom, I tried to dig as deep as possible to see just what the man behind “Daily Dog” is up to these days, see what impact AHS has had on his life, and ask what the future of Audubon’s favorite philosopher could possibly hold.


Joe: Good day in the morning, Mr. Colbert. How are ya today?

Tom: I’m doing very well, thank you, Mr. Joseph Greble.

Joe: It’s my pleasure. At The Parrot we like to make all of our guests and alumni feel at home. How have you been doing as of late?

Tom: While things could be better, I’m not in a position to complain. Overall, lots of things have been going well, despite any setbacks.

Joe: That’s really good to hear – you have to live life for the good things. It’s been a while since you’ve last been enrolled in classes at AHS – around five years now, right?

Tom: Yes, indeed.

Joe: How has your life changed since graduation? Not necessarily just in education but also in general, the changes adult life has brought you.

Tom: Yeah, for sure. I have new expectations placed upon me both internally and externally. Now that I’m a legal adult, and a college graduate at that, I have a means to make “success” for myself and setbacks to that goal sting extra. Despite knowing that everyone moves at their own pace, it’s difficult to not be conscious of my peers and their accomplishments.

Joe: We all have our own successes and setbacks, and I know you’re certainly someone who will always find a way to rise to the top. With all of that said, do you have anything you’re looking to do now that you’re done college? What have you majored in?

Tom: I plan to continue on with my history degree. I have a bachelor’s in history but I’d like to pursue a master’s degree in both history and education.

Joe: I think that’s awesome – teaching is definitely a virtuous career. I’m aware from both first- and second-hand knowledge that you’re also somewhat of a philosophy fan; I know that I, for one, can barely begin to wrap my head around the whole thing, so I think it’s extremely impressive. When did you get into philosophy, and why?

Tom: It happened pretty much by accident. While I had an appreciation for the subject, it wasn’t until I started to be more informed politically that I became more invested in philosophy. The reasons behind differences became much clearer after reading the works of philosophers.

Joe: Which philosophers would you cite as inspirations?

Tom: Inspiring is just the word I’d use to describe them. Oliver Thorn, Natalie Wynn, and Talia Bettcher all have been a great source of modern-day philosophy. They concern themselves with the philosophies of gender, mental health, sexuality, and government.

Joe: Absolutely, absolutely. Philosophy is something that is extremely interesting but at the same time extremely complex and divisive. One thing I know certainly isn’t either of those two last things is “Daily Dog.” Would you mind describing to someone unfamiliar with that legendary series justs what “Daily Dog” is and how long you’ve blessed current students and other recent alumni with it?

An example of a serialized episode of Daily Dog.

Tom: The Daily Dog™  is a collaboration project between “The Daily Dog” and myself. It is a serialized photoshoot featuring “The Daily Dog” in many whacky, often surreal locales. Fans of the series love it for its dark intrigue plots and bitter romances. Everyone else asks me to “please stop.”

Joe: Well I, for one, know that people love “Daily Dog,” and seriously appreciate all you’ve done for the series. We really hope you continue its serialization.

Tom: It has brought together a fine community of thoughtful individuals who enjoy pictures of dogs on the daily. And honestly, I couldn’t ask for more than that.

Joe: So now that we’re focusing on more hobby-based questions, I have to ask: Beatles or Stones?

Tom: Beatles, but only by a hair… It was cruel of you to make me do that.

Joe: Perhaps, however the people are probably interested in knowing. Alright, I only have two more questions for you: Do you have any favorite memories from school you want to share? It can go back as far as Haviland for all I care.

Tom: Because you mentioned Haviland, Field Day was always a treat. Getting to compete with the other grades in athletic challenges was great. But my favorite part was getting sprayed with an incredibly wasteful amount of water from the fire trucks. When the water hits the scorching black pavement the puddles made for very warm baths to lay in. And for whatever reason, that drenching is stuck permanently in my mind.

Joe: One final question before I let you go; do you have any advice for this year’s senior class?

Tom: I do! Please don’t let yourself be inflexible. their is a “soft cast” made for the lot of you to make the most of good will, and a good district’s education. You’ll find your success at your own pacing, and that’ll be when you reach a balance between who you are, what you aspire to be, what you mean to those who you love. But to put that more simply, ‘love who is around you and be loved’. 

Joe: What a great note to leave off on. With that, my dear friend Thomas, myself and all the Parrot staff wish you a great day and good luck in all future endeavors as always.