The Guardian’s Potential P4

Chapter 4: The Jack of Hearts

A few days after the royals visited the hospital, the entire school was still in shock at what had transpired. The school was entirely quiet, except for one room. Garrett sat in the corner of the school newsroom. It was a buzz with different emotions. Instead of looking at the articles that he had to edit, he was sitting quietly in his chair, staring at his bruised fist. The others in the room were arguing about what had transpired with the two Kings.

“Okay everyone, we need to settle down so that we can focus on telling the news to the school,” spoke up the young blond teacher who supervised over the class. Yet everyone kept trying to talk over each other, not listening. 

Then, suddenly Garrett stood up and everyone’s eyes immediately looked towards him. Each of them became completely quiet. “You all need to get it together. We need to report what is going on in the school, for this week has been full of drama. So, Leo Stone and Jason Truefield, since you two are all for the news, go and report on the royal takedown and get both sides of the story, make sure you catalogue everything and get it on my desk by tonight or tomorrow morning. We’ll make sure that it’s drafted for this Friday’s publishing. Clara, for your next horror story, try to hint at this takeover of the school and how serious it is. Now, everyone else, we need to keep our ears open to the rumors going through the school and find out what this new King’s next move will be. So let’s get to work people!” Garrett had a kind yet commanding voice. After he spoke the arguing stopped, and the entire room became abuzz with each writer walking around trying to speak to each other to gain confirmation as to what they are responsible to cover in each of their sections.

Then, the teacher walked over to Garrett who was typing away on his laptop, a large essay displayed on the screen. His earbuds made it so that he wasn’t able to hear the approach of the teacher through his concentration. She knocked on the table to get his attention and he looked up towards her as she spoke. “The was quite inspiring, seeing you take control of the situation, exactly as if you were still the Jack. Try to keep your head up through this, because to us, you will always be our Jack.” 

She waved her hand around the classroom and Garrett noticed that each and every student was smiling brightly. Even after losing most of the Royals, they still had a bright smile on their faces. Garrett’s face started from a shocked expression to a smiling face with a few tears forming in  his eyes as everyone finally got back to working on covering each portion of the story in their own ways, using each of their articles to tell a portion of the story. 

Then, out of nowhere, without warning, there was a single knock on the windowless door. Some of the students in the room almost immediately activated their abilities. Leo Stone’s entire body began to glow a lime green as two more versions of him walked out of his original body, each with the glowing green aura and his signature shoulder- length wavy, black hair. After which, Eleanor Creed began glowing orange as she took off her sunglasses. Her body lifted into the air as bursts of firelike energy emitted from her aura. Finally Aurora Star, who was sitting closest to the door’s face became scrunched as if she were both angry and sad just before she spoke. “Whoever is out there, seems to be distressed and wrathful.” 

But Garrett was the only one who got up to open the door, his orange aura, encompassing his entire body with a bright burning fire. He placed his hand onto the door handle, and looked backward towards the rest of the class who were ready for a fight. He then opened the door and his face became wide eyed as he stared towards the being in the doorway. When we spoke again, his voice lost all of its strength and became shaky. “Why are you here… Ace?”