Trump’s “okay” to Turkey could cost thousands of lives

As if the Ukraine situation wasn’t bad enough, Trump recently got into more hot water over another controversial statement. Recently, Trump gave the “okay” to Turkey to attack U.S. allies in Syria. Many people, even within Trump’s political party, criticized Trump heavily for this and even more so for his reasoning. This caused concerns involving risks to the attacked party, The Kurds, U.S. national interest, and the conflict with ISIS. 

What’s perplexing is that the Kurds have been a major help against ISIS, so there is no real reason to attack them. Analysts have even said that “we would have not defeated ISIS’ Caliphate … without their help”. It’s also not like the Kurds went without sacrifice. CNN reports the Kurds “lost thousands of men fighting with the US against ISIS.” The numbers are said to be upwards of 11,000. 

When Turkey attacked an area known for containing Kurds, many citizens of the town had to flee. So many were fleeing that truck loads were crammed with people like fish in a can. This now raises another bigger question that might shape how Trump will be remembered. How many innocents are going to die because of Trump’s decision, and will any be spared?

 Now here is the million dollar question, “What is Trump’s reasoning for allowing the attack?” His reasoning was because the Kurds didn’t help in WW2. Little did Trump know that there was a reason the Kurds didn’t participate. During that time, the Kurds were given promises from England that weren’t kept. So when England joined WW2, the Kurds decided to not join and not assist the British. Because of all this, politicians all over are in uproar. They can’t understand Trump’s reasoning and are still in a state of shock. 


*This story is subject to change due to the type of subject matter, the fact that real life is unpredictable, and some lack of information to the public.

History on WW2 Kurds are courtesy of Mr. Webb