The Black Dahlia – The Gruesome Murder of Elizabeth Short


It’s January 15, 1947. A woman is out running errands with her daughter when they stumble upon the most confusing unsolved murders of all time – the Black Dahlia.

Her name was Elizabeth Short, nicknamed the Black Dahlia after her body was found, because of her black clothes and and dark black hair. She was an aspiring artist who had moved to Hollywood not long before her death, about six months before. The last time she was seen was on January 9, 1947, outside of a hotel.

The body was found in a vacant lot in L.A’s Leimert Park neighborhood. At first glance, they thought the body was a mannequin, due to the way it was posed. The body was cut down the middle with medical precision, several parts of her body had been mutilated, and she had been cleaned and drained of blood. Her face had been slashed, possibly while she was alive, to make it seem like she was smiling.  The cause of death was from a cerebral hemorrhage and shock from a concussion and facial lacerations.


They were able to identify the body because she was already in the files – she had been arrested for underage drinking in 1943. After speaking to her friends, the FBI found out that she had vanished six days before her murder, on January 9th, meaning she might have been kidnapped and then killed.

Days after her murder, Short’s address book and her belongings, including her birth certificate, social security card, and personal photographs had been sent to the Los Angeles Examiner. There were many leads, but for many years, the case has never been solved.

In 2013, the son of Dr. George Hodel made a startling discovery: he believes his father was the killer. Steve Hodel, an author, and a team of investigators took to looking through the late Dr. George Hodel’s residence at the time of the murder. During, the police dog picked up on several scents of human decomposition in the basement. More startling evidence against Hodel is that he once said during a recorded conversation, “Supposin’ I did kill the Black Dahlia. They couldn’t prove it now. They can’t talk to my secretary because she’s dead.”(

Even with these new recent discoveries, there is still no set in stone explanation to what happened to Elizabeth Short. With Hodel dead and anybody who was a suspect dead, there is no way of knowing what happened, for decades to come.

The Black Dahlia case remains unsolved.



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