Destiny 2: From Trash to a Complete and Utter Gem

Destiny 2: From Trash to a Complete and Utter Gem

Taking a break from MegaMan for a bit (mainly to catch up on all the games). I am going to be covering a game I’ve been wanting to cover for a while. Destiny 2 and I have had a rough relationship, and I constantly jumped back and forth between loving and hating it. When the Destiny 2: New Light update came out, I finally came to my decision. 

First, some backstory. Destiny 2 is the sequel to Destiny and was made by Bungie, who is known for making the popular Halo franchise. Issues with the Destiny games ranged from terrible scaling of weapons, extremely easy enemies, and unfair multiplayer. Another issue that rose up was one of rarities of equipment. Exotics and Legendaries could be easily replaced by Rares and sometimes even Uncommons. A lot of this changed, though, when Bungie split from Activision (I will touch base on the improvements later in the review). It also includes both year one expansions which include new weapons and story modes.

Now what is a Destiny 2? Well Destiny 2 is a “shoot n’ loot” game, much like the very popular Borderlands franchise. You play as one of three races, (Humans, Awoken, or Exo) and fight for an interdimensional space rock made of light called The Traveler. Nothing really carries over from the first game other than some lore and a few characters. In the Destiny games, you travel from world to world via a hub menu and each massive world offers variety in design. 

The story of Destiny 2 and its expansions isn’t anything too astounding. The base story is about the player trying to take back the Traveler after an enemy force has taken it. The stories of the expansions are better in my opinion. I don’t want to spoil anything because I feel the expansions are worth it.

The game looks utterly phenomenal. Graphically speaking, the game looks fantastic with the graphics being top quality. In terms of level design, everything looks really cool! The worlds, even though they are in our solar system, look completely alien and unique. Traversing them is fun, even if it does take a while sometimes. There are only small portions that I don’t like on each world and it’s because they were completely linear and contained no openness. 

Gameplay is where the game shines. It’s face paced gunplay that involves the player taking on hordes of enemies. There are a multitude of abilities the player can use that are tied to 3 classes. There are the warlocks, the hunters, and the titans. They each have massive skill trees that allow for you to play the way you’d like. There are three different weapon classes: Primary, secondary, and heavy. The primary involves scout rifles, assault rifles, hand cannons, pulse rifles, and side arms. Secondaries have shotguns, snipers, and other unique weapons. The heavy weapons have grenade launchers and rocket launchers as well as swords. My only issue with the gameplay is that in the multiplayer they are unbalanced. The scout rifles are useless and you are never going to get in range with a shotgun, so your best bet is to use an assault rifle and pulse rifle. 

I’m now going to cover improvements made to the game following the New Light update. Following this update, Legendaries and Uniques don’t drop as much, making them more valuable and useful. On top of that, there are upgrade slots for weapons now that add perks to your weapon and character. They even added a season pass which gives players more of an incentive to come back and play. 

Destiny 2 started out very rocky, with the weapons being more unbalanced than they are now, very little free post game content, and a very small player base. Now that the New Light update came out, there is a lot more to do and the game actually feels more complete. Out of 10, I would rate Destiny 2 an 8. The story is bland and the unbalanced weapons make PvP a chore, but rest of the game is an absolute trip that I believe anyone who is an FPS fan should play.