Adoring Alexis Chittum

For this week’s Where Are They Now? I interviewed a 2018 graduate, Alexis Chittum. As the color guard captain of the marching band my first year, Alexis always brought positivity to everything she did. She was also greatly involved in the arts, such as the spring musical, fall play, and helping the elementary school with their own productions. To see how Alexis has grown since high school continue reading below…

Jordan: Hey Lex, are you ready to be interviewed?

Alexis: Yeah, let’s get started.

Jordan: So what have you been up to since graduating?

Alexis: Since high school, I have been working and going to college.

Jordan: What college are you attending?

Alexis: At first I went to Seton Hill University but then I transferred to Saint Vincent College. My major is art teaching education.

Jordan: That’s cool! So, how is college different than high school for you?

Alexis: You truly have the freedom to be whoever you want. There is a lot less judgement than high school because everyone is on the same struggle bus as you. Everyone just wants to figure out who they are.

Jordan: That’s one of the thing I’ve been excited for, being with new people at college. Did anything inspire you to go for your major?

Alexis: I’ve always loved working with kids. I was a camp counselor for 8 years. When I got out of high school, I had the opportunity to take art classes with Mrs. Harris. I fell in love with the creative process. Learning how to channel your inner imagination and creativity is such a struggle for some people now but it is such an important skill to have. I became really passionate about helping other people unlock their inner creativity (Everyone has it!!) and that is what really inspired my decisions. Plus, teaching art is really fun!!!

Jordan: This career seems perfect for you, Lex! Do you have any favorite memories from high school?

Alexis: Some of my favorite memories came from performing in the spring musical and being on the field with the color guard. My absolute favorite memory was when the marching band won US Bands’ National Championships. Everyone was so full of energy and excited. We all worked really hard that year so it was awesome to experience such a big accomplishment.

Jordan: Marching band will definitely be one of my favorite memories too when I graduate. I have one last question for you, what is something you wish you knew in back in high school?

Alexis: I wish I knew that it doesn’t last forever. I really took for granted the fact that I got to eat lunch with my best friends 5 days each week for 6 years straight. It’s a difficult transition to go from having classes with your best friends everyday to seeing them maybe once per month, if that. Overall, cherish every moment you have with these people. Be present.

Jordan: That’s some really good advice, thank you for answer my questions.

Alexis: No problem!