Lil Tjay : True 2 Myself

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If being born in the Bronx of New York City and being able to make it out by the age of 18 whilst wearing diamond chains, driving expensive foreign cars, and living in luxurious mansions isn’t impressive enough, then I don’t know what else could be. Tionne Daylan Merritt famously known as Lil Tjay was able to do such. Arguably one of the most successful 18 year olds alive, Lil Tjay dropped his first studio recorded album “True 2 Myself” October 11, 2019. Although being very young, Lil Tjay has his first record contract to Columbia RecordsĀ who has many young successful artist signed under their label, making Lil Tjays future bright and prosperous compared to the young man’s past. Not even 2 years ago Lil Tjay was imprisoned for a robbery charge where he would learn the fundamentals of rapping and plan out his rap career over the course of a year. Luckily, Lil Tjay was only imprisoned for a little more than a year and prevailed past the system of New York Law Enforcement and was granted an early release. Lil Tjay now has an estimated 2.2 million net worth and is a voice for young inner city African American children raised in impoverished settings around the nation.

Lil Tjays new album is a compare and contrast from his current day living and childhood, as growing up in the projects of the Bronx is mentally and physically tiring for a young boy. In many of his songs Lil Tjay refers to past scenarios where he would rob/steal, mess with drugs, and associate with gangs. Lil Tjay’s style can be compared to more of an R&B singer rather than a rap/hip hop artist; when listening to him you can be reminded of a younger Chris Brown. He is also well spoken and a lyrical genius who has the ability to make you want to go get what you always wanted and can put chills down your back. Lil Tjay is definitely a future artist that you can be sure will stick around.