SDS Character Review 2

SDS Character Review 2

The Seven Deadly Sins: Diane

(There are manga spoilers in this article. You have been warned)


Diane, the Serpent Sin, was in the beginning a large threat to any enemy that the Sins had went up against. Her ground manipulation abilities allowed her in the beginning to throw everyone off of their balance. She then, being a member of the Giant Clan, can use her increased physical strength to bash enemies away with her massive warhammer.

She even grew as a character in the story. From the beginning she had a massive crush on the Captain of the Sins whose name is Meliodas. Yet over time we find in a flashback that she had grown up with another Sin, the Grizzly Sin: King. When she finally remembers this, she realizes that she loves King. Yet before she can reveal this to him, The Goat Sin alters her memories to prove a point to her. Yet by doing so removes all of the time she spent with her comrades to the point where she reverts back to her naive self who hates the idea of even fighting. 

Yet by her running away she is told by an old friend of hers that she should no longer be a fighter, but a dancer. By doing so she begins to learn a dance that increases her power the more that she dances, connecting her more and more to the earth and her surroundings. 

When she meets King again, he has finally given up waiting on her to notice his feelings for her. He tells her how he feels about her and how much she means to him, which gives her new strength, allowing her to believe in more people than just the few whom she had come to know and love in this new mindset. The two of them then were given upgrades through a training arc with their past enemies. Yet, Diane’s powers after that weren’t ever used to their fullest strength till the most recent chapters.

In said chapters, she uses Droll’s dance to power up even further until she is strong enough to aid her friends in their “final battle” against Meliodas father, the Demon King. She aided her friends best by moving the battle ground away from the pool of magic where The Demon King was gaining power, allowing all 7 of the Sins to finally fight this battle together, all at once.

So, throughout the story she has become a favorite to many romantic people, even though she isn’t as powerful as the other Sins. She has one of the largest connections to love in the entire story. So if you like a strong character who also has a huge heart, go and take a look at The Serpent Sin of Envy.