Night time

I’ve been out of my mind 

My body’s still alive 

But I just want to cry 

I just want to scream out loud 

I just wish I was proud of myself for who I really am

I keep on thinking at 3 am 

Telling myself not again 

I should be having sweet dreams 

And not dark dreams 

I still hear voices at night 

And I just need somebody to hold me tight and say that everything will be alright

but  I keep on looking at my phone screen  

And I just want to scream 

I want to look like these models with the perfect body 

But why am I believing that I’m still a nobody 

Why am I trying to change myself like everybody 

I thought I knew who I am 

But I guess I’m wrong again

Everything just seem so strange 

I guess it’s time for a change.