Jokes Aside, Joker (Slowly) Lives Up to the Hype


After hearing so much support surrounding The Joker movie, I had to go see it. So, with my brother at my side we went out to watch the movie. When we first walked in, the theater was packed to the brim. We made some small talk with our neighbors trying to get any kind of info they knew about the movie. Yet all that we could come up with was that this movie should be one of the closest representations of the Joker’s personality, shedding the light on why and how the Joker became the feared monster as most people see him.

Yet in the first portion of the movie we were treated with only two real portions of action that can remind us of the Joker we all know and love. However, nothing came of it; we weren’t treated to the maniacal actions that we all have seen him perform. In the opinion of myself and 5 other people in our group, we all agreed. The entire first half of the movie was slow. We even had a Batman fan fall asleep in his chair from boredom.

Yet once the ball started rolling, there was no stopping the coming storm. The snail’s pace that we all felt to that was completely trampled by the stampede of beauty that came following it. We saw how the Joker himself got his name and then embraced it. After reflecting over the entirety of the events in the movie, I now understand why the director needed that first section to be long and slow. It was to set up the entire world in a way that people could understand it. So over all, if you have the chance to, go and watch Joker for yourself.