Yellow Paint

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Van Gogh is said to have eaten yellow paint because yellow is a vibrant happy color and he thought by eating it, he would become happy. Everyone thought he was crazy for eating something so toxic. But if you look at it through less judgemental eyes you’d see that he’s just like everyone else. Who really drinks alcohol or does drugs for the taste? Everyone wants to just forget. They do it to feel something, to maybe feel happiness. Why do you think that girl stays with her cheating boyfriend? Or that boy continues to be in a friend group that only drags him down? Although it may be toxic sometimes, they have an ounce of good and they find happiness in them, when nothing else does. The reality of it is that we are all desperately searching for a way to be happy, to be distracted, and forget the hard things in life, even if the distraction is just slightly less toxic than the original. Van Gogh was trying to take the ugly things in his life and cover them, painting it as something easier to look at. Everyone has their own yellow paint in life, whether a person or an object; we try to mask the pain and turn it into something beautiful. I hope that everyone can take their own distractions and instead of just covering it up, they embrace it and learn from the pain instead of hiding behind the paint.