An Interview: Join Shane Price for his O.C. Beach Clean-Up!


On Saturday, October 26, from 9:00am- 12:30pm our very own Shane Price will be holding a beach cleanup in Ocean City, and he’ll need your help. Everyone who would like to participate will meet at the Music Pier (see flyer for more details). I had the honor of interviewing him on the event and he is thrilled to have this opportunity. Even during the interview, I could tell that this guy isn’t messing around with making a difference; he’s committed to it 100% and hope some of this energy will inspire others as well. Come out and make a difference with your class!


  • Where did the inspiration for this come from? An event? Person?
    • I watched a Youtube video about how the coral reefs and marine life within them are in danger. There will be more trash in the ocean than fish by 2030. The internet was an inspiration for me as well.
  • Do you think in terms of climate change, we’re past the point of no return? If not, how large scale an effort do you think it would take to clean the Earth?
    • Difficult, but not past the point of no return. It’ll require the effort of the whole world, though.
  • What can the average person do to help?
    • Just pick up trash on a whim or on your walk to school/work. It’s not that hard. Limit your water usage, too.
  • Have you done stuff like this before?.
    • This is my first large scale activity except for picking up trash near dollar tree and I’ve had lots of exposure to the pollution on beaches, but finally took the initiative to do something about it. I pick up trash on my day-to-day.
  • How much of your life does environmental activism encompass?
    • This is the main focus of my life.
  • Who was an influence for you in undertaking this endeavor?
    • Greta Thunberg and other big activists are role my models, but any average person helps
  • In the long run, how big a difference do you think you’re making?
    • I feel like I’m making a small difference, but still a difference. I’m making a big impact on my community, though.
  • Any obstacles that you’ve encountered so far?
    • The hardest part is getting people involved, convincing people and getting them to commit.
  • What’ll be the highlight of the day?
    • When it’s over, seeing the progress and seeing how much trash could have ended up in the ocean that’s been prevented from doing so
  • Is your family involved in this?
    • My cousin in Hawaii donates to environmental nonprofits, but I’m riding solo in terms of involvement from my family in NJ.
  • What’s the endgame of all of this?
    • I’m just doing it to help out. I want to continue holding these events, and want to have everyone come together for the sake of a healthier planet.
  • Final thoughts?
    • Just try to make a difference. Help out wherever you can. Come out for the beach cleanup!”

      — Shane Price