Bison returning to land they haven’t seen in 150 years


On Friday, October 11, something unbelievable happened in South Dakota’s Badlands National Park. Staff released four bison into the park, which makes it the first time bison have roamed those lands in over 150 years. The bison were released into the park in an attempt to expand the animal’s range in the national park. 

The bison struggled in this area for a while, because there was a large plot of land were tourists stayed that the bison needed to migrate. A deal was made with Don Kelly Ranch, allowing the bison to have an extra 22,000 acres of land. The park also needed to buy new fences, as to prevent livestock from mingling with livestock on nearby ranches. Park workers hope that reintroducing bison also reintroduce other animals such as prairie dogs and coyotes.

This is great news because it means that a species that was once on the brink of extinction can thrive again and grow. Bison will be much more common and children 20 years from now will be able to see them. Hopefully the tactics used to bring the bison population up are used on other species, so that their story is similar to the bisons’.