Love, What is it Really?


Love is funny. To so many people it means so many different things. It can be a passion, a feeling towards a person, a best friend, a family member, or it could simply just mean what the word in itself. Love. What is love? It is defined as an intense feeling of deep affection. There are different types of love. There is the love you feel for your family. This type of love comes with the feelings of security, and protection. The love you gain and receive from family gives you a sense of home. There is the love you feel for your friends. This type of love is assisted with the feeling of support and happiness. The love one feels towards a friend can vary. You may love some more than others, but personally, the feeling of happiness resides with me. There is the love you feel for a spouse. This type of love is indescribable to some. This love can make your heart ache. It can affect your mood. It can change a bad day into a good one. I think the real question involving love is how can one emotion control so much of one’s mental and physical state?

Love holds so much power in the world.

As fast as it can bring you up, it can bring you down. Love gives people a sense of hope. When someone you love passes, you can feel that heart break in your chest. When you lose a friend, you can sense that loss in your mind. When a spouse leaves you, that stays with a person for a long period of time. The word love is thrown around as if it holds no value in the world. This happens often. A girl can love another girl’s outfit. A boy can love a song, A mom can love her furniture, and a dad can love his favorite football team, but the truth is that is not how the word is supposed to be used. As people, we say we love everything and anything. The outfits, musicians, furniture, and pro teams  do not feel the emotions that a human does. So who are we to dumb down a word that holds more power than an average human can even understand.

The Beatles once said ,”All you need is love.” When writing the song I wonder if they realized how true and pure this statement really is. At the end of the day, all you truly need is love. Love gets people out of dark places. Love inspires. Love helps and heals. Love brings hope. Love brings happiness. Love brings heartbreak. Love brings laughter. Love brings protection. Love brings peace and harmony. Love brings all of these things to the world. Without love, what would the world be? In a way it would be emotionless. It would be bare. Love, it’s the most powerful thing in the world.