The Guardian’s Potential P5

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Chapter 5: A King’s Rage

 As time passed, the old Kings were released from the hospital. Luke never took up the true mantle of King and only beat down those who would either challenge him or disrespected him, which created  a void of responsibility and power. This power vacuum became a war zone in the school. Ivan was walking through the halls of the school on a Saturday evening, a week before Hollow’s Eve, when suddenly the wall to his left was shattered and a student crashed against the other wall. 

Ivan looked over at the freshman of the school who was laying on the ground. Ivan’s eyes looked dull and sad. He then looked at the hole in the wall as another freshman was standing there with a smirk on his face. The young man put one of his hands out and a small beam of energy shot out of his palm, towards the boy on the ground. The next moment the hallway was filled with dust from the blast. When it faded, a ball of a dark gray smoke was standing in the way of the blast. 

The boy who was standing began running away as fast as he could. Once the first boy was gone, the smoke faded and Ivan continued walking. Blood was soaking his grey t-shirt, some traveling down from his shoulder to his arm and then dripping from his finger tips. His face, not even fazed from the pain. He walked down the stairway leading to the doorways to the courtyard. As he entered, a single figure was standing in the center. He was almost a head taller than the 6ft tall Ivan. 

Ivan walked directly up to the man, looking him in the eyes as the larger man spoke, “I don’t understand why you two gave the loser that win. You and Aaron both could easily have crushed him if you only unleashed the power you both used back when the three of us fought alongside your Ace the tournament a couple of years back.” The man spoke, a smile growing on his face, as for a moment he thought back to those times, but was shook back an instant later by Ivan’s voice. 

“Look, both Aaron and I realized that the way we were ruling wasn’t actually helping anything. All it did was bring people together till they see what they don’t like in others again. So, maybe through this we can build a new system, but Luke is neglecting his duties. So I am asking you, from one brother to another, teach Luke his real place,” said Ivan, his voice filling with an underlying of rage as he spoke. The man looked surprised at the forwardness of Ivan, then a bigger smile came onto his face as the two of them clasped their arms in a strong handshake. 

Ivan then turned and walked away, blood no longer dripping from his arm. He disappeared into the school building and the only being left in the courtyard was the large man as he stared towards the door where Ivan disappeared. Suddenly a man’s eyes glowed orange as he looked towards the sky and a bolt of lightning struck him. But as soon as the lightning dissipated the man was gone and all that remained was the scorched ground that was below him.