SDS Character Review 3

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Seven Deadly Sins: The Fox Sin

Personally, this is my favorite of every one of the Sins, not because of his cool abilities but because of how much I can relate to him on an emotional level. Ban is one of the most terrifying of all the Sins for a special reason. He is an Immortal being who can not die. I not mean in the sense that he has a long life span because of his race. No, he literally cannot die no matter how hard he tries. It is even stated that when incarcerated he was put to death 33 times! This restoration ability is caused by an item we all know and love, The Fountain of Youth.

Even in a world full of fairies and giants, that is seriously impressive. But that isn’t just the full scope of Ban, because his true nature is what motivates him to keep going. As a child, the young Ban who didn’t even have his cool abilities was forced to become a thief because of how his family treated him. Only once he was thrown into jail did he find a father figure who truly cared for Ban. This thief’s name was Zhivago and was the one who taught him how to steal and not get as hurt when he gets caught (aka running). Soon enough Zhivago was forced to choose between Ban and his blood son, yet Ban was the only son who survived.

Then when he grew older, Ban decided to venture to The Fairy King’s forest, following the ideals of the fairy tale Zhivago told him as a boy. He found The Fountain of Youth, but he chose to love its guardian and not take it for himself. When a demon came to destroy the forest, Ban and the guardian both at the brink of death, the guardian kissed him and let the water from the spring to flow into him, making him fully immortal, yet at the cost of the guardian’s life. So, after losing all hope he let the Kingdom capture him and was charged with the sin of Greed because no one would believe his word at what had truly happened.

If you think about it,  a lot of people in the world can relate to the ideal of people not believing them even when they are telling the truth. As we see in the story Ban is so desperate to get back the woman he loves that he attempts to kill his best friend. After he realizes his mistake he is even more a broken man and attempts to set things straight. Even with sacrificing the love of his life, he still wasn’t strong enough to protect either of them. Then, he continues with his friends, baring this heavy weight of not being strong enough to protect any of them.

When each of them realizes the memories and soul of Ban’s best friend were locked in a realm so harsh on the body that no normal being can go through it, Ban–being the immortal monster of a man that he is– walked in without hesitation. To atone for his Sin of Greed, he wandered for 3,000 years through intense pain and agony, his body being burned and frozen and poisoned over and over again. Yet, he never died and by the time he came out of it he became one of the most powerful in all the  groups, fully bringing his character arc full circle. In the beginning,  he looked out for himself and by the end we see a new man. A man willing to put down his life after giving his immortality up just to keep his friends safe, making Ban, The Fox Sin of Greed, the most relatable and beloved out of all the Sins.