One word


The majority of individuals seek to define people by utilizing one-word adjectives that hold no true value of one’s entire complex nature. Nature so profound that the most brilliant of minds known to man’s history struggle in encapsulating the entirety of a person’s essence. An essence so experienced and complicated that a series of narratives telling the play by play of one’s complete life will never give justice to that person. 

No matter how good of an impression a person tries to emit off of themselves, other parties will judge and criticize them until their dying day. Isn’t that such a sad thought? I, however, have no capacity to scorn the decisions of others because that would make me a hypocrite. 

A hypocrite. 

Look at me. The mere idea of myself using a single adjective to define my entire state of existing is a contradiction to my preachings as stated before. 

I’m an almost-hypocrite, but that isn’t the sum total of who I am. I’m a linear timeline of decisions too arduous to lock to one word or multiple defining words. 

I’m an elaborate masterpiece crafted and sculpted by a power so high that my being will never grasp the intensity of something that holds more significance than every stream of consciousness that ever lived, put together. 

We are all well-oiled machines snapped into animation for reasons we may never truly know. But, we do know one thing. That we are here whether we like it or not. And maybe we are too intelligent for our own good, but the mysteriousness for the reasons of our existence maybe make our lives that much more precious. We aren’t a simple one-word label. We are here.